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rhinderu bling bling~
22 October 2031 @ 09:37 pm
Hello! I rarely post something here, but I'll introduce myself anyway lol

People around me always laugh at me when I said I was a shy person, but I swear I'm shy u_u towards new people, at least.

Harry Potter is my childhood. Both my favorite book and my least favorite movie is Half-Blood Prince - because I already read the book before watching the movie and it left a very huge impression but then the movie came out and I thought the movie is more about hormonal teenagers' love story (like a cheesy romance teen movie) than how Harry learned about Voldemort's past, the Horcrux, and the Prince's book.

I spent my teenage years spazzing about TVXQ lol I was a Shawol though, but for some reasons which I cant remember I'm not as crazy as I was before to them - prolly because their music style is not the same anymore, but I still like them. I like a lot of groups, actually. ^^

The only reason why I made this journal is actually for reading fics lol my OTP is Yunjae, which is weird because I only read het pairings before lol and my guilty pleasure is Yoomin (or Minchun, I prefer it that way ;D). I have other OTPs but I'm not gonna talk about it here, I think XD Even though I said I'm shy, I love meeting people lol so if you want to talk (or spazz together about my OTPs) just PM me. :)
rhinderu bling bling~
18 June 2013 @ 12:33 pm
♥  ♡  •  ☺  ☻  — ∞ ❒ ✔ " Þ ♪ ♫
rhinderu bling bling~
15 June 2013 @ 10:31 pm
my mother talked about my pre-teen brother

he currently hits puberty, fyi

and i want to bleach my brain

because wtf i already know it (i read fics, DUH) but hearing it personally




rhinderu bling bling~

Like HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA my chairmate and I went together to Jae's FM and we talked about it all week long, at first my other friends were like "Aw you touched your idol's hand, I envy you!" but at the end of the week they were like "Just, leave them with their feels"

And, well, I didnt know what to expect, actually. We were queuing in front of the stage, while Jaejoong did his things on stage and he wa stunning. So.....ethereal, and I stood there, gaping, and like, chanting "omg he's gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous" and I walked on stage, took a group picture with him, and................it finally is my group's turn to shake? high five? whatever.

His hand is.......rough. Rougher than I expect, and his palm is s manly!rough. My friends and I were actually going to say "Ajusshi, your kiss scenes are really awkward" - we even had my friend's Korean friend to translate it, but my mind went blank. So, as you all know already, Jaejoong was very sick, lik REALLY sick and it's like he smiled because he has too, not because he wants too - "Keep smiling, oppa!" so I said to him, AND HE SMILED AT ME.

I usually dont like how fans call their idols oppa because it's a very informal way to address someone but it's the only thing that popped on my mind OTL

And I was hopping down the stage, and Jaejoong drank his med? or just his water idk and it was so sexy so everyone (who was still inside the venue) screamed and he went "Wae?" cutely and people screamed louder and his manager told him that we screamed because of the way he drank his water and he smiled shyly and


And, yes. I've heard Junsu's angelic voice, heard the infamous ambayaaaa live, seen Angel!Xiah live, and I was only like, five meters from him - and yes, I didn't hear Jaejoong's voice but I shook his han and even though our photo is a huge fail (from my part of course) my head was only five inches from his head. And his hair looked so fluffy, I want to pat his head so bad. But all my senses were gone haywire so I dont remember how his scent was like. Bummer :\

It's friggin 2 AM here (THE APOCALYPSE SURVIVOR, BITCHES!) and I'm frigging hungry and tired and idk MESSY GRAMMAR I KNOW

I cant post pictures and I'm trying to sleep so bye!

rhinderu bling bling~
03 November 2012 @ 06:13 am
wfmajfr9n3tvp2i/24jmcq;ejraq43thgwo;V Uc9hv53heQhoejo;f;cad

like omg he is here in Indonesia

the feeling is different you know like when junsu was here i was like "nah it's only junsu eu kyangkyangkyang" but then "OMGGGGG AMAZING!JUNSU IS HERE"

but when it;s jaejoong i was like "what will i do should i wear this wear that what about the makeup" and then "i'm freaking nervous i'm shaking omg what shall i do should i bow down omgomgomgomgomg"

oh my gosh

november 3. 6.12 am. 12 hours and 48 minutes to Kim Jaejoong 1st Fanmeeting Tour in Indonesia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
rhinderu bling bling~
25 September 2012 @ 12:42 am
gue gamau ngomong pake bahasa inggris ah ntar bikin ribut itl fandom tapi anjer banget gatau tata krama ya gue aja tau anjer kalau gue yg ngomong sih gapapa lah elu tuh public figure gak famous sih karena gue juga gatau lo tapi HELLO lo tuh wartawan lo kayak gitu di sosmed? goblok. goblok tau gak?
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
rhinderu bling bling~
25 September 2012 @ 12:18 am
I felt so wonderful today, I feel like I'm floating~

Yesterday night, I was trying to persuade myself that today is gonna be okay. Just because I had two bad and worse Mondays doesn't mean today is going to be bad as well.

So I woke up this morning, feeling not as nervous as I should be. I still had thirty minutes of lazying around and still not late. And I actually stopped in front of my mirror and smiled and said "Hwaiting!" because I don't know, I just wanted to do it. I arrived at school, practice for a while, and the PE teacher (the cause of my nervousness and all lol and those two bad Mondays-_-) said she'd skipped a period because of something we do or something about that I don't know but she eventually turned up and no, she is not yelling at all. Well, she yelled few times but she did it playfully.

And my economy teacher was not teaching and she left an assignment for us - tenth grade mathematical economy, HA! - and that gave me a lot of time to fangirl about TVXQ's newest album. And well I could do SO MUCH BETTER at the math test, but I still feel kinda optimistic so yeah! And for a girl who was not studying at all, it was already a miracle to do it. (Even though I got a few hints here and there lol)

The MV was soooo amazing, and I listened to the whole album of Catch Me before going to umm...what do people call it........this place outside of school where you get additional classes to help you to study? Yes, there. Because I'm a senior. Yay. -3-

We learnt sociology, which become one of my favorite subjects now, so i was happy. I studied History a little for tomorrow's test. And I watched SMTOWN in Jakarta in RCTI. They actually showed three out of four TVXQ performances. No SHINee but....yeah. And my tlist was just so effing funny with Dinda and Ghina and Jevonda ranting about fail Koreaboo who hated Korean music before it becomes famous.

And I laughed a lot.

And I don't know is it because I finally let my mind rest or because it already said goodbye to stress, my body feels lighter and...I dont know, stronger?

And how I tweeted about how I have to be positive this morning and last night was lol.

And I just so freaking happy and contented right now. Truly the power of mind, it is.
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Jamie Cullum - Love Ain't Gonna Let You Down
rhinderu bling bling~
30 July 2012 @ 03:07 pm
jim moriarty/ofc
he always leaves her, but she knows he'll be back.

for le chingu Dinda! @Yamaccha, she is a huge fan of Merlin and Doctor Who and of course, Sherlock, duh~

you missed him, of course.

your bed has been cold ever since he left. but it happened so often you should not be surprised anymore. you and him are not even officially together.

'love is a weakness, and i have enemies. they are not to know my weakness,' he said.

but you know his love is real, it's there - more burning than his passion to tell the world he is better than that guy with the funny hat - you can feel it, when you kissed him, when he pulled you to your bedroom --

"hey, love."

and suddenly he is there - at the front door, and you hug him, and you can smell his unique scent and feel his stubbly chin, and his warmth - the jim moriarty's warmth that only you could bask yourself in and

"i missed you too, holding cell is so not fun."

"i didn't say that i missed you."

"i know."

and the way he put his hands on your waist

it all make you realise that your life wont be the same anymore.

but for the better.

"oh, and dinda, you are the only thing that could make my adrenaline rushes beside a good riddle and adventure."

yes. definitely for the better.
rhinderu bling bling~
14 June 2012 @ 08:45 pm


ohmygodimsoexciteeeeed aaahhhhh i'm speechless i cant express my feeling dont make me say anything in my mother language and i cant make a proper sentence in english




akhirnya gue bisa denger salah satu dari mereka nyanyi live di depan gue aogjalhgjnlaeko/hgaw chtonewhtkiu cgbwriu 7ot\hf2y3[


AND OMG I FINALLY AM BECOMING A PART OF REAL RED OCEAN!!! well i hope we can make a proper red ocean for him.


i dont know how can i go to school while Kim fuckin Junsu is in a same land with me, breathing the same air (LOLOLOLOLOL), having a press-con, and yadda yadda yadda aahhhhhh.

I might write something here again idk well i need to sleep now bye!

rhinderu bling bling~
14 May 2012 @ 09:01 pm

I'm going to rant on this....unfair (well, i think it's unfair ._.) decision...soon. When I have time. And when I'm already half-recovered from the shock and huge blow and all.